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The Yurt

The yurt is decorated in Mongolian decor and is magical at night with the turkish lanterns throwing beautiful colours into the room.  There is a small table and chairs to eat off in the yurt and a larger outside table with an outside gas stove and a BBQ or you can cook on the open fire using the steel grid and cast iron pot provided.  The property adjoins natural bushland and it is not unusual to wake up and see kangaroos, deer or sheep just outside the yurt.  We love to see the animals and do not encourage shooters. 

The interior of the yurt

The interior of the yurt is cosy and warm in winter due to the small cast iron stove which is great for heating and cooking on in cooler weather.  During summer the yurt is cool due to the 5cm thick lambswool felt lining.  A fan is provided. The yurt also has a canvas outer layer and a cotton inner liner.   There is a table and chairs, a small coffee table some fold up chairs, a picnic hamper and rugs, saucepans, frypans, chopping board, plates and cups etc.

Price: $170 per night

Yurts for sale Australia
The Dome or Tomo

There is a glass dome in the yurt which allows guests to view the stars while lying in bed, the ceiling is very ornate and the painting has cultural significance.  All of the individual components are hand carved, the ropes are made from yak hair or lambswool which is very soft on the hands.  There is literature in the yurt which tells you about the traditions of entering a yurt and what not to do when you are a visitor i.e. the soles of your feet are considered rude and are never to be displayed, whistling is considered rude and no weapons to be taken into yurts.  It is also considered bad manners to lean against the central poles.



shower photo showing water.jpg

The Facilities

Yes well admittedly rustic, the shower has fantastic views and is gas heated most people love the shower and say "best shower they have ever had." Go on take a walk on the wild side, these opportunities don't come along every day!  How many people can have a shower and watch kangaroos frolicking in a nearby paddock at the same time with a magnificent view of the mountains.  There is a gas BBQ or a small gas one burner stove inside the yurt or a cast iron two burner stove outside.  There is also a small cast iron wood burning stove inside the yurt to cook on which makes the yurt  cosy in winter. Because the yurt is well insulated and a fan provided it is cool in the summer as well, most people like to go for a swim or go to the wineries during the heat of the day and come back in the evening when it is cooler. There is a solar powered car fridge provided.  Now I never said this was five star but it  is a fantastic glamping experience.  We have upgraded our long drop toilets to flushing toilets which seems to be getting the thumbs up from our guests.


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